Rita Lopez
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Rita Lopez

Rita works in a small business and is often in a fast-paced,high-pressure environment.

Bachelor Degree in Economics
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Investment Advisor
Dallas, TX
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Psychographics: Rita is an ambitious and goal-oriented woman who is eager totake risks and put in the effort to achieve her desired outcome. She is highlyorganized and values efficiency, working hard to make sure she is optimizingher time and resources. She loves to stay informed and up-to-date on the latesttrends, particularly in the financial world. She also enjoys being part of acommunity, which she finds energizing and motivating.


Behavior Patterns: Rita is an avid researcher and takes the time to carefully analyze the pros and cons of different options before making adecision. She prioritizes convenience and prefers services that can be accessed remotely or on-the-go. She is also socially active and loves to connect withlike-minded people.


Environment: Rita works in a small business and is often in a fast-paced,high-pressure environment. She is surrounded by other ambitious professionalswho are constantly striving for success.


Benefits of the Product: Rita would benefit from the Free TimeInvestor Online Course, as it provides comprehensive lessons and guidance oninvesting strategies and building a profitable portfolio. The live coachingsessions and private community of like-minded investors would also be a greatadvantage, as she would be able to ask questions and receive feedback in atimely manner.


What’s important to you? Rita values efficiency andconvenience, so she looks for services that can be accessed remotely oron-the-go. She also appreciates comprehensive resources and personalizedguidance, as she likes to be sure she is making the right decisions.


What are your biggest challenges? Rita’s biggest challenge is findingthe time to research and analyze the different options. She also struggles withunderstanding the technical aspects of investing, so she needs comprehensiveresources and personalized guidance to feel confident in her decisions.



What are some of the factors that led you to hire acoach? Rita wantedto make sure she was investing her money in the most profitable and secure waypossible, so she chose to hire a coach to provide her with personalized adviceand guidance.


What were some of the factors preventing you fromhiring a coach? Thecost of hiring a coach was a big factor for Rita, as she was on a tight budget.The lack of convenience was also a factor, as she wanted to be able to accessthe services remotely or on-the-go.


Who do you turn to for advice or information? Rita relies on her friends and familyfor advice, but she also values the opinion of experts and professionals. Sheoften turns to online forums and social media to read reviews and comparedifferent services.


Context-Specific Details: Rita is an independent woman who isnot afraid to take risks and is willing to put in the effort to achieve herdesired outcome. She is also a busy professional who is often on the go andvalues convenience.


Goals: Rita’s goal is to build a profitable portfolio and secureher financial future. She also wants to gain a better understanding of thestock market and learn how to make informed decisions.


Role in Buying Process: Rita is the decision-maker when itcomes to purchasing services and products related to investing.


Decision-making Process: Rita typically takes the time toresearch and analyze her options before making a decision. She looks forcomprehensive resources, personalized guidance, and convenience. She also considers the opinions of experts and professionals, as well as reviews from other customers.


Buying Process: Rita’s buying process typically involves researching heroptions, comparing different services, and reading reviews to determine which one is the best fit for her. She then makes her decision and purchases theservice.


Pain Points: Rita’s biggest pain point is finding the time to researchand analyze her options. She also struggles with understanding the technicalaspects of investing, so she needs comprehensive resources and personalized guidance to feel confident in her decisions.


Names of Frequently Used Apps, Technologies, Brands: Rita uses a variety of apps and technologies, such as Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, and Investopedia. She alsorelies on reviews from other customers and professionals to help her makeinformed decisions.


Quotes: “I want to make sure I’m making the right decisions when itcomes to investing.”


Keywords: Investing strategies, stock market, building a portfolio,financial security.

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