Rachel Adams

Rachel Adams

Rachel is an ambitious, fashion forward, and confident individual. She loves experimenting with new styles and is always on the lookout for the latest trends in fashion and beauty.

Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design
African American
No children
$80,000 $100,000 per year
Persona Group: Millennials
Job title:
Social media influencer
Los Angeles, California, USA
Marital status:
Company Size:
Beauty Influencer
Company Size:
Beauty Influencer

Psychographics: Rachel isan ambitious, fashion forward, and confident individual. She lovesexperimenting with new styles and is always on the lookout for the latesttrends in fashion and beauty. She values authenticity and aims to inspire herfollowers to confidently express themselves through fashion and makeup.


Which social media platforms are persona active on? Instagram and YouTube


Persona Content Focus orNiche: Fashion and cosmetics


Persona Target AudienceDemographics: Women aged 2035 who are interested in fashion, makeup, andpersonal style.


Persona Preferred SocialMedia Platforms: Instagram for daily updates, mini makeup tutorials, and styleinspiration. YouTube for indepth makeup tutorials, fashion hauls, and lifestylevlogs.


Persona Content Style andTone: Empowering, authentic, and fun with a professional edge. Rachel's contentemphasizes her personal style, the importance of selflove, and thetransformative power of makeup.


Persona EngagementStrategies: Rachel frequently engages with her followers through InstagramQ&As, YouTube comment responses, and regular giveaways. She alsocollaborates with fellow influencers and brands for style swaps and productreviews.


Persona CollaborationPreferences: Rachel prefers to collaborate with brands that align with hervalues and aesthetic. She believes in authenticity and only promotes productsshe genuinely loves and uses.


Persona Goals as anInfluencer: Rachel aims to inspire her followers to express themselves throughfashion and makeup. She hopes to grow her brand and achieve partnerships with high-endfashion and cosmetic brands.


Names of Brands: FentyBeauty, Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Zara



1. "Fashion is aboutexpressing your identity."

2. "Beauty begins themoment you decide to be yourself."


Keywords: Fashion,Cosmetics, Authentic, Ambitious, Makeup, Beauty, Personal Style, Confidence


Hex color codes palette& color name for Rachel Adams:

1. #721B65 (Purple Heart)

2. #DAA520 (Golden Grass)

3. #FFC0CB (Pink Lace)

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