John Harper
Anadarko Petroleum Corporation

John Harper

John is a highly drivenand organized individual who values efficiency, reliability, and strong ROI.

50 years old
: Master's degree in Supply Chain Management
Oil and Gas Industry
Job title:
Procurement Manager
Houston, Texas, USA
Marital status:
Company Size:
500+ employees
Company Size:
500+ employees


John is a highly drivenand organized individual who values efficiency, reliability, and strong ROI. Heis interested in developments in the energy sector and invests time intoresearching new technologies and strategies. Often attending industry conferencesand seminars, John enjoys networking with peers to share insights.


Behavior Patterns:

John is very methodical inhis approach to work. He carefully researches potential suppliers before making decisions and relies heavily on data to inform his choices.



John operates within alarge corporate setting where decisions are scrutinized for their impact onoperational efficiency and profitability.


How would the productbenefit or help persona?

Anadarko Petroleum Corporation's products will provide reliable oil/gas supply that ensurescontinuity of his company’s operations.


Existing Solutions Used:

John currently contracts with several local oil/gas exploration companies but experiences occasionalsupply hitches due to operational challenges faced by these companies.


Key Performance Indicators(KPIs):

John cares about supplierreliability, cost-effectiveness of solutions, quality of products/servicesdelivered, long-term consistency of service.


Pain points:

Occasional supplydisruptions from current providers; Higher prices from some suppliers; Limitedoptions for independent producers



Ensure constant uninterrupted oil/gas supplies for company at optimal costs; Build relationships with reliable suppliers; Improve overall procurement processefficiency


Company Role &Influence:

As Procurement Manager,John has significant influence over supplier selection decisions within hisorganization.


Decision-making Process:

He uses a comprehensivedecision-making process involving detailed supplier evaluations based on price competitiveness, reliability record, product quality, and overall valueoffered.


Preferred Channels forResearching Potential Suppliers:

Industry publications suchas Oil & Gas Journal, online forums dedicated to energy sector discussions,LinkedIn groups.


Role in Buying Process:



Budgetary Constraints:

John must adhere to hiscompany’s set procurement budget but has the flexibility to allocate funds ashe sees fit within this framework.


Buying Process:

He begins by conducting preliminary research on potential suppliers, followed by requests for proposals(RFPs), detailed evaluations of proposals received, short-listing potential suppliers, conducting negotiations before finalizing contracts.


Communication Preferences:

John prefers emailcommunication but is also open to phone calls for more in-depth discussions. Heis usually most open during regular business hours (9 AM - 5 PM)


Technological Proficiency:

John is quite technologically proficient and comfortable using procurement software andanalytics tools.


Names of Frequently UsedApps, Technologies and Brands:

SAP Ariba for procurement;LinkedIn for networking; Apple products like iPhone and MacBook Pro.



"The right partnercan make all the difference in achieving your goals."


Risk Tolerance Level:

Moderate. John is willingto consider new suppliers if they offer considerable advantages but remainscautious about disruptions that could occur during transitions.


Trust Factors:

Reliability history;Positive recommendations from trusted peers; Strong financial health indicatorsof supplier companies



"Reliable oil/gassuppliers", "Cost-effective oil production companies"


Membership OrganizationWebsites:

Institute for SupplyManagement (ISM); The American Petroleum Institute (API); The EnergyProcurement Network (EPN).

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