Ben Walker

Ben Walker

Dr. Walker is an innovative thinker, enthusiastic about integrating technology into laboratory operations.

Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering
Life Sciences
Job title:
Director of Laboratory Operations
Raleigh, NC
Marital status:
Company Size:
Company Size:

Personal Details:

Dr. Benjamin Walker, Director of Laboratory Operations at a mid-sized biotech firm, hailing from the life science industry. He holds a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. Based in North California, he falls under the 'Senior Decision Makers' persona group.


Dr. Walker is an innovative thinker, enthusiastic about integrating technology into laboratory operations. He values efficiency and accuracy in his work and constantly seeks ways to optimize lab resources. In his leisure time, he enjoys staying updated with latest tech trends, attending science conferences and spending time with his family.

Behavior Patterns:

Typically, he tends to research new technologies that could enhance lab processes, shows preference for solutions that offer comprehensive automation and cost effectiveness. He is accustomed to high levels of responsibility and often works under pressure to meet demanding timelines.


Dr. Walker operates in a fast-paced, high-tech laboratory environment. He is surrounded by a team of skilled scientists and lab assistants. His social context includes both his professional circles of scientists, lab technicians, and corporate executives as well as his personal network of family and friends.

How would the product benefit or help persona?

Automata's fully automated lab bench would enable Dr. Walker to significantly streamline lab operations, reducing human error and increasing efficiency. The accompanying software would free up his team's time to focus on more critical tasks, optimizing the use of resources.

Context-Specific Details:

As a senior decision maker, one of Dr. Walker's main challenges is to continually improve lab productivity without compromising on accuracy and safety. He prefers solutions that are easily integrable, reliable and offer a good return on investment.


Dr. Walker aims to drive innovation in his lab, enhancing productivity and accuracy through technological integration. He aspires to lead his team to groundbreaking research findings, maintaining top-notch lab efficiency.

Decision-making Process:

Dr. Walker leans towards strategic, data-driven decisions. He highly values peer recommendations, expert reviews, and proven case studies when considering new suppliers or technologies.

Role in Buying Process:

As a Director of Laboratory Operations, Dr. Walker is a key decision maker in the purchasing journey.

Buying Process:

His buying process often begins with identifying a need or a challenge, followed by extensive research, evaluation of various options, consultation with his team and superiors, before making the final decision.

Interacting with Suppliers:

Dr. Walker prefers initial contact via email, followed by detailed product demonstrations and face-to-face meetings for complex decisions.

Pain Points:

His primary pain points include managing resource allocation, human errors in lab processes, and the pressure to consistently deliver accurate results within strict timelines.

Frequently Used Apps, Technologies, Brands:

Dr. Walker frequently uses lab management software, project management tools like Asana, and communication apps like Slack. He is a fan of Apple products.


"We are always on the lookout for technologies that can help us do more, with less."


"Lab automation solutions", "efficient lab management", "reduce human error in labs", "automated lab bench".

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Actively looking for new and effective treatments for his patients, specifically those suffering from sickle cell disease.