Derrick Johnson
Uncle Jimmy Beard Balm Conditioner

Derrick Johnson

The Uncle Jimmy Beard Balm Conditioner would help Derrick maintain his beard, keeping it healthy, conditioned and well-styled.

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science
African American
Job title:
Senior Software Engineer
San Francisco, California
Marital status:
Company Size:
Company Size:


Derrick is a solutions-oriented person, always seeking for ways to solve problems both at work and in his personal life. He values quality, efficiency, and innovation. A tech enthusiast, Derrick enjoys keeping up with the latest trends in technology. He leads an active lifestyle,regularly going to the gym and participating in hiking over the weekends.


Behavior Patterns:

Derrick is organized and meticulous, always schedulinghis routines to ensure efficiency. He enjoys trying new things and is notafraid to experiment with different products until he finds the right one.



Derrick resides in an upscale apartment in downtown San Francisco. He spends his working hours in a tech company surrounded bylike-minded individuals. His social circle includes other professionals in thetech industry.


How would the product benefit or help persona?

The Uncle Jimmy Beard Balm Conditioner would help Derrick maintain his beard, keeping it healthy, conditioned and well-styled.Given his active lifestyle, having a reliable product to ensure his beard looksgood and feels comfortable is important.


Context-Specific Details:

Derrick finds it challenging to find men’s groomingproducts specifically designed for his type of hair texture. He also struggleswith maintaining his beard without it looking too oily.



Derrick's aim is to find quality grooming productsthat cater to his specific needs as an African-American man.


Decision-making Process:

Derrick is a research-oriented buyer. He checksproduct reviews online, consults his peers, and tries out products beforemaking a decision.


Pain Points:

Lack of diversity in men's grooming products,especially for African-American hair. Difficulty in maintaining a well-groomedbeard that doesn't look too oily.


Frequently Used Apps, Technologies, Brands:

LinkedIn, GitHub, Google, Apple, Amazon, Nike.



“I need a product that understands my hair and beard needs.”



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- Hex code: #000000 - "Jet Black"

- Hex code: #FFD700 - "Techie Gold"

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